Welcome to MY 2ECOND SKIN:

MY 2ECOND SKIN is an offshoot of Shadowhouse Creations, and it is here that I will house what I consider the best of my textures.
Not only what I consider my best but instead of individual downloads,
here I offer the full sets as a zipped download, something many of you have asked for in the past.

Being this is a big and tedious task, due to so many textures to go through and zip, upload, house and link, I ask, please be patient with me during the process. I promise more is to come.

Feb 24, 2014

Updated Links

I've received a few emails about the files stopped working, the reason being, they were originally links to my skydrive account, it seems Microsoft has changed their name, from SkyDrive to OneDrive, so the links became obsolete.

I've mulled the OneDrive linking and decided to pass, and so I decided to make all the download links direct links, meaning you won't have to travel to OneDrive and download the files, all you have to do is click on a download link and the download file will open in another window, just click save and that's it ..................... quick and painless.  LOL!


Gene Healy said...

Thanks, Jerry.

Sherry Crocker said...

Jerry, just discovered this site through Pintrest. I only use Picmonkey for digital studio work and I am curious to see how the overlays will work with that platform. Will let you know how it goes.