Welcome to MY 2ECOND SKIN:

MY 2ECOND SKIN is an offshoot of Shadowhouse Creations, and it is here that I will house what I consider the best of my textures.
Not only what I consider my best but instead of individual downloads,
here I offer the full sets as a zipped download, something many of you have asked for in the past.

Being this is a big and tedious task, due to so many textures to go through and zip, upload, house and link, I ask, please be patient with me during the process. I promise more is to come.

Dec 13, 2010

Square Texture Sets 16-17-18


Michelle said...

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, Thanks for all your work! I'm new and learning to use them! Question for you - do you have a grunge sheet with "Christmas Music" on it? I saw a card done with maybe "Silent Night" on old parchment as the texture. Any ideas where I might find something if you don't?

PS Did you ever find new employment? We were unemployed all summer so I felt your pain.

Thanks, Cheryl

Maren said...

Thank you!

Aigha said...

Thank you very much for these sets. Have used textures from them here!